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Disciplined approach. Steady returns. Diversified exposure to an emergent and significant asset class.

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Investing in strategic partnerships with experienced third parties, Cliffside Capital (TSXV: CEP) is a trusted source of capital, meeting the market need for diversified funding sources to support the rapidly changing, technology-led, alternative lending marketplace. With a proven track record of capital formation and disciplined investment, Cliffside Capital sources and evaluates investments in the growing Canadian non-prime lending sector, offering our investors attractive risk-adjusted opportunities in this exciting and emerging asset class.

“Providing stable capital to our disciplined and proven loan originators, delivering steady and predictable returns to our investors.”


Specialized expertise. Proven track record.

We are investing in partners with specialized expertise and proven track records in originating and servicing non-prime loans. Our initial investments are in the consumer non-prime automotive lending sector.

Cliffside Capital has invested $10.5 Million in three limited partnerships which invest in fully serviced non-prime automobile loans acquired from CanCap Management Inc., a proven originator and servicer.

For most Canadians, automobiles are the second largest asset they own, after their home, but for the self-employed, those with new credit, like newcomers to Canada, or those facing debt due to illness, job loss or divorce, traditional financial institutions do not meet their loan needs.

Today, thirty percent of Canada’s auto finance market is non-prime, serviced by alternative lenders and growing. As this alternative lending market grows, loan originators are challenged to source sufficient capital. Cliffside Capital provides the stable and continuous capitalization these lenders need to manage liquidity.


Are you a proven originator with a history of disciplined underwriting and servicing? If you’re looking to diversify your funding, contact Cliffside Capital today.

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Chief Financial Officer


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Stephen Malone
Director, Chief Executive Officer



IR Overview
Cliffside Capital is focused on investing in strategic partnerships with third parties who have specialized expertise and a proven track record in originating and servicing loans and similar types of financial assets. Under our approved investment guidelines, Cliffside Capital’s strategy is to generate revenue as an investor, affording shareholders an opportunity to invest in the growing alternative lending sector with the potential for attractive dividend yields and minimal operational risk while earning a reliable total return.

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